Monday, December 15, 2008


ITEM! As discerning Marvelites already know, we here in Soapboxland regularly feature videos from YouToober ItsJustSomeRandomGuy... and today is no exception! This new Marvel/DC “After Hours” series of his has really got it all. It’s got pathos, it’s got plot, it’s got Yours Truly in a dual cameo playing both myself and a Life Model Decoy copy of the Smilin’ One. I gotta get Marvel Studios brand spankin’ new COO Tim Conners to hire this guy! These videos could serve as the animatics of the next great Merry Marvel Movie franchise... which frankly would really cut down on the cost of hiring a bunch of high-salaried, high-maintenance screenwriters. Hoo-hah! In the meantime, enjoy!



Nyogtha said...

Haha, I saw these about a week ago and I loved the one with the Hulk and Hellboy. "So you hear sad music when you walk away too?!" Great stuff, this guy is a genius.

Lively said...

This is funny stuff. Thanks

Lively said...

By the way Fake Stan;
I just wanted to wish you and your universe the best of holidays and a great new year. Thanks for the blog and and the fun you bring.
Merry Christmas!!!