Monday, December 8, 2008


ITEM! Yup, there’s nothing like surprising your employees first thing Monday morning with a few motivational posters strategically placed about the office space. And nothing bucks up morale like posters featuring your Fearless Leader’s smiling face! These motivational monographs aren’t just for the entertainment lawyers and media agents working with me here at POW! Entertainment, by-the-by. Feel free to print ‘em out and post ‘em around your own workspace. WARNING: Uncle Stan’s Marvelous Motivational Posters have been shown to cause dizziness, nausea, and brain tumors in laboratory mice, and may not be safe for children under 12, if pregnant, or if you have a history of middling-to-good taste. Blog visits over four hours are not normal, and you should consult a physician if refreshes persist. Enjoy! 



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well there's the genius behind the master piece of marvel, Stan Lee the men who give us all this fun called spider man and iron man and all the others character.

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I have admired Stan Lee since I was a brad. He without doubts is a legend in the comics universe, specially because he has revolutionized this industry more than anyone...In short, he is an icon.