Wednesday, November 5, 2008


ITEM! Apparently the younger May Parker, daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson (and future Spider-Girl), is not as dead as Marvel continuity would have us believe. As this recent paparazzi picture reveals, Spidey has at least regained some visitation rights to bouncing baby May. It also looks like Petey's put on a few pounds. Better lay off the wheatcakes for awhile, Parker! What’s left unanswered is the child’s legal status in light of Mephisto reworking the Marvel Universe timeline so that Peter and Mary Jane were never married in the first place. Guess it’s a good thing Baby May’s not a boy!

Last time your Uncle Stanley was paying attention, Baby May was either killed off or in the custody of Alison Mongraine and the Green Goblin back around The Amazing Spider-Man #434 or so. However, the aforementioned paparazzi pic was shot recently in the same apartment building that Tom DeFalco lives in, so maybe he ended up with custody, which all things considered, could actually be for the best. Hey! I just came up with a great new idea for a Merry Marvel sitcom: Baby May growing up with only comic book creators Tom Defalco and Ron Frenz to raise her. We could call it “My Two Spider-Dads”! Better get a call into my attorneys and copyright this idea quick before Queseda gets wind of it and has it cancelled too! Face Front, True Believers!


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