Thursday, September 18, 2008


ITEM! If you’re still not over the whole Brand New Day debacle and enjoying Dapper Dan Slott and Even Jazzier John Romita Jr.’s current run on Spider-Man, then shame on you, Fearless One! These two guys are busy bringing Spidey back to heights of greatness unseen since Harry Osborn was knee-high to a Goblin. Even Jazzy Jr.’s covers are harkening back to those classic days when Yours Truly and John Jr.’s Pencilling Pater were setting the high-bar for spandexed spider-webbed splendor. In ish #572 (now on stands, natch), you get Spidey spanking Bulleye like he was a fair-headed stepchild, Norman Osborn back in costume, and... well I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for yah. Let’s just say that the current owner of the Venom symbiote makes a similar return to a classic costume with terrifying results. So what are you waiting for? A personal invite to Aunt May’s bridge club? Go get this one, Tigers!


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