Tuesday, September 2, 2008


ITEM! An extra-glitzy and glamorous “Happy 500th Blog Anniversary” shout-out to the great-grandaddy of comic blogs — Robby Reed’s Dial B For Blog! It doesn’t seem possible that it’s already been 500 peerless postings since Robby began his little corner of ye old blogosphere way back in May 2005! Robby has always set the golden standard for in-depth and graphics-rich comic coverage of all things Silver-Aged — a standard by which all other comic blogs are measured. The only complaint your Uncle Stanley has ever had is Robby’s unfortunate tendency to focus on the Distinguished Conglomerate... but what they hey! What would any hero be without his Official Trademarked Stan Lee Patent-Pending Feet of Clay? That just makes us love yah all the more, oh Blogger of 1,000 Heroes! So until Robby switches his magic dial from analog to a digital, we’ll just keep Making Ours Dial B For Blog! 



Robby Reed said...

Genuine thanks to fake Stan!

Love, Robby Reed

Jonathan Nolan said...

Dial B for Blog... I read all the old version pages in one sitting when I first found them... So cool.

Happy 500th!