Tuesday, September 16, 2008


ITEM! Sorry for the liltin’ lull between posts, pilgrims! Ol’ Smiley’s huge backlog of proffered projects, prolific scripts, and pointedly looming deadlines finally caught up with me. What finally got my attention was when a Disney lawyer suggested that if I didn’t get my in arrears rear-end in gear soon, I was gonna have to start giving back the up-front money! Yeesh! So — long story not-so-short, I had to load up on some St. John’s Wort, sequester myself in Casa De Lee, and churn out the next generation of literary greatness for several studios all at once.

But we’re back on track here in Soapboxland, with some exciting new comics, comedy and contests that’ll come winging their way straight to you any day now! And maybe I can even talk Shooter into guest posting a little more often. Where were yah when I needed yah, Jim? How much time can it take to script the same comic you’ve been writing since you were 15? Meantime, here’s a little something to tide you Faithful Ones over... Iron Man and his Dubious Compatriot discussing who had the biggest non-sequel opening for a super hero flick. Enjoy! 


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