Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The Shooter here with my own contribution to the Jack Kirby 91st birthday celebration and thanks to the Smilin’ One for letting me play in his Soapbox. Rather than belabor the obvious, gentle readers, I’ve chosen to share with you my personal favorites: The Top 10 Best Jack Kirby Comics. I know, it’s like choosing your favorite Beatles song or your favorite Van Gogh. Or deciding which of my runs on The Legion of Superheroes is best. While you may disagree with some of my choices, we can all agree that the King gave us some of the very best graphic storytelling the world has ever seen. Even in collaboration (to one degree or another) with the likes of Joe Simon, Stan Lee and even Arthur C. Clarke, Jack’s storytelling sensibilities were always what made a Kirby comic great. Inventive as he was, creative as he was, artistically gifted as he was, Jack was always first and foremost a fantastic storyteller. And so, without further ado...

Top 10 Best Jack Kirby Comics

10. Kamandi #16 “The Gift”
9. Marvel Treasury Edition: 2001 A Space Odyssey
8. Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #6 “The Fangs of the Fox”
7. Captain America #1
6. Thor #159 “The Answer At Last!”
5. Mister Miracle #9 “Himon!”
4. Fantastic Four #51 “This Man... This Monster”
3. StreetwiseStreet Code”
2. Boys Ranch #3 “Mother Delilah”
1. New Gods #7 “The Pact”

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Peter Wallace said...

Stan, where are you??? We miss you!

Stan the Man said...

We here in Soapboxland stand properly chastised, Peter (see my latest blog for a brief explanation of my self-imposed script-writing sabbatical). But thanks to a flood of requests too numerous to number (namely... yours), we're back! Thanks for reading!