Monday, September 22, 2008


ITEM! Look what I found while poking around last night in my hermetically-sealed climate-controlled vault beneath Stately Lee Manor: Marvel’s Fun and Games Magazine #1 (1979). I love how the cover artist (whoever he was) just copied John Romita and John Buscema superhero heads so closely you can tell exactly who he swiped them from. There's even that cutely-copied Marie Severin "Thing" head up in the corner! Believe it or not, you can still thrill to the word games, puzzles, riddles and surprises of these game magazines from yesteryear over at Mile High Comics, where they have the whole 13-issue run for sale! Here’s a free sample of my favorite maze puzzle just to whet your whistles, Frantic Ones. Just click on the image below to embiggen, then print it out and enjoy! It's also suitable for framing or mounting on dart boards!


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