Monday, October 27, 2008


ITEM! Ah, the 70s. For an era that was supposed to be the “Me Generation” was there ever a delirious decade when more folks strived to be as socially-relevant as humanly possible? Most well-read Marvelites already know about the time when the Nixon administration’s Department of Health, Education and Welfare asked me to do a comic featuring the pitfalls of drug addiction — resulting in a series of Spidey stories that caused the Comics Code Authority to be reformed. But didja know that in 1976 we were approached by the Planned Parenthood organization to produce a comic for inclusion in their information packets to teenagers? Yup, and we did it too! And now that li’l 5” x 6.5” mini-comic has become a much sought-after collectors item of its own! Featuring a script by Ann Robinson and art by then-Spidey artist, the late-great Ross Andru, this essentially earnest effort may read a little bit corny today, but it was jam-packed with info that kids in the swingin’ 70s needed to know, like “Dreams, thoughts and wishes about sex are natural. Masturbation won’t make you insane or harm you in any way...”

Here are a few pages from this immemorial intercourse on... well, intercourse, straight from the Disco Era to you! Or, you can grab your own copy fresh off the ebays here! Enjoy! 


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