Tuesday, October 28, 2008


ITEM! It seems that my favorite TV show this side of Who Wants To Be a Superhero is experiencing a ratings slump of late, and Entertainment Weekly has suggested some solutions in it's cover story Heroes: Five Ways to Fix a Series In Crisis. Everyone’s entitled to their opposing opinion I suppose, but who are we kidding? Monday morning quarterbacking from Entertainment Weekly? I wonder how People Magazine or Tiger Beat would fix the series?Your Uncle Stanley used to go through this same dynamic with my publisher/uncle-in-law Martin Goodman. You know why Uncle Marty never wrote comics? For the same reason the writers of EW aren’t producing quality network TV shows — because they can’t. You know the old saying, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t become Hollywood flacks.” 

Personally, Yours Truly still enjoys Heroes as must-see-Monday-night-TV. If the Smilin’ One was going to offer up any constructive criticism to show runner Tim Kring — from one sense-shattering serial scripter to another — it would just be to do some more stunt-casting cross-overs with A-list television and movie stars, like... I dunno... say the creator of the Marvel Universe and the elder statesman of all things hip, slick and cool?A certain bus-driving guest star from season one, episode 16 comes to mind. He could be revealed to actually be Grandfather Petrelli, the long-lost patriarch of the clan who has the ability of rapid ratings regeneration! He would need to have a couple of really hot, super-powered younger girlfriends, though, as back-up. Hey! I think I'm onto something here! I’ll have my people call your people! We’ll do lunch, okay?



RAB said...

I would definitely have watched Heroes if it had more in common with Who Wants To Be A Superhero. Yet, funnily enough, I would have liked Who Wants To Be A Superhero better if it had more in common with Heroes. So, to borrow a phrase from yet another guy named Stan Lee, it's a bit of a conundrum! Maybe if the casts of the two shows just traded places...?

Stan the Man said...

Thanks for the sincere support regarding Who Wants To Be A Superhero, Rab, but by all means go get the Heroes season 1 and 2 DVD-sets (or even download 'em thru the iTunes), cause they are definitely worth watching... for many reasons beyond the earnest Emmy-winning cameo Yours Truly pulled in episode 16! Trust me on this one, Tiger!