Tuesday, October 7, 2008


ITEM! It’s not often that a computer game comes along that really catches my fancy. Let’s face it — I'm old. As a teenager back in Depression-era New York, the closest thing we had to computer games was a quick pick-up of "kick the soup-kitchen bum." But I gotta tell yah this Spore game by Maxis has me glued to my Dell computer, creating comical creatures and conquering cosmic civilizations when I should be writing scripts for the seven zillion projects I’m signed up to produce. Who says you need any artistic sensibilities to create great characters? Not Yours Truly — not after playing around with Spore. Honest Irv has even embedded one of those YooToobs below so you can see my very own sizzling Spore creation, the Mystical Mister Multi-Limb!

And it’s not just your Uncle Stanley who’s caught up in the Spore craze! Celebs ranging from my main-man Richard Branson to Heroes’ Masi Oka to Ozland's  Flight of the Conchords have created Spore creatures for your electronic edification! I kid you not! So what are you waiting for? Latverain New Year? Go get this game! Where else do you get to play a character that starts as a humble microbe who eventually works his way up to starship captain? The only thing missing from this game? One word — Galactus! Ah well, maybe in Spore II... 



RAB said...

Now, Stan...haven't you learned your lesson about not taking credit for things that were invented by Kirby? I'm pretty sure this creature appears in an issue of Jimmy Olsen. Either that or he was a villain in Fighting American.

Also, how sad is it that this one looks more like the Hulk than a Hollywood special effects budget could manage in two feature length films?

Stan the Man said...

You caught me, oh Rabinous One! Apparently you can't teach an old editor new tricks. You're referring of course to Jack's "Four-Armed Terror from Jimmy Olsen #137. The problem with Jack is that it really doesn't matter what you or I think of idea-wise, the Great One generally gestated it first.

As to the CGI work on The Incredible Hulk movie, what can I say? Exactly what they pay me to! Go get this on DVD or Blu-Ray when it comes out on Oct. 21, pilgrims (just to see if Rab's comparison is fair and accurate, natch)!