Tuesday, October 7, 2008


ITEM! As regular readers of this bellicose blog already know, no one gives more fabulous face-time than your Fearless Leader. To wit: the Sci-Fi Channel just posted a recent interview with Yours Truly in which I wax elegantly on the recent explosion of super-hero movies! 

One of the many money-quotes from my one-on-one monologue: “You do your best. You have a character, you know the character, the story works and it’s a great one. But then you have to do another story. That’s the problem.” It may have temporarily slipped my memory-impaired mind to mention that the solution to said dilemma is usually finding a fantastic visual storyteller like Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko to collaborate with... but what the hey! That’s what I have this blog for, right pilgrims? To meritoriously mete out credit-where-credit it due! You read it here first! To read the whole blamed interview, go here and, as always, enjoy! 



Chris Tolworthy said...

"I understand that someone found the original artwork for the original Spider-man. And it was worth, I dunno, maybe a million dollars, and they offered it up to Steve, but he didn't want it. So they gave it to the Library of Congress..."

Hmmm. Stan, you seem to know a lot about what happened behind the scenes with this "someone." I wonder who that "someone" might have been? Hmm?

Stan the Man said...

Well Chris, whoever the anonymous donor was, we should probably all respect his wish to balance the karma wheel and make amends for past wrongs, whatever those may be. Heck, maybe the donor was Jolly J. Jonah Jameson! To check out these twice-up treasures, see my original blog on the subject for some eye-popping visual treats!