Wednesday, January 7, 2009


ITEM! As you may recall from previous Soapbox soliloquies here and here, the Big G has fallen on some heinously hard times over the last few years. Well, guess what, Heroes? It looks like the World Devourer is finally getting back up on his feet!

Last week Joanie and I decided to pull over and and grab a bite at a Southern Californian Steak ‘n Shake and lo-and-behold, who do you think greeted us at the door as the brand new assistant day shift manager? If you guessed ol’ Purple Boots, then move yourself to the head of the class, pilgrim! As he later explained while sitting with us, it seems that Galactus has gotten himself cleaned up and has entered a 12-Step program for planet-eating addicts. The G-Man said it had been over six months since he’d eaten so much as a comet, moon or planetoid, and that the last time he’d had a craving he settled for a Steak ‘n Shake triple-decker with fries and a malted instead! I have to say that he looked really good, though he was still sporting a bit of a Flintstone four o’clock shadow (see pics below).

After lunch, Joanie wished him well with his recovery, and Galactus waved us a gracious good-bye and said that if he slipped, we’d be the first to know about it. Happy Trails Big Guy!