Thursday, August 28, 2008


ITEM! Today of course, is the day that should be recognized as a national holiday for comic book fans around the world — it's Jack Kirby's birthday! On August 28, 1917, Jacob Benjamin Kurtzberg, later known as Jack Kirby, was born in New York’s Lower East Side. Little did anyone know that 91 years ago today the single greatest creative force ever seen in the sequential art medium had just arrived on the planet. There have been many masters of the comic arts, but there’s only been one King.

We talk a lot about Jack Kirby here in Soapboxland. Heck, one of the reasons your Uncle Stanley started this off-the-record and under-the-radar blog was so that I could set a few records straight and give some credit where credit was long overdue. So to celebrate the King’s birthday, we proudly present a sense-shattering selection of the best of our Jolly Jack Kirby blog posts. Learn what brand of cigar the King smoked! Hear Jolly Jack tell it like it is in his own words! Learn the secret true origins of characters like Galactus and the Inhumans! Read along as we celebrate the King’s birthday the only way we know how — with lots and lots of agonizingly alliterative adjectives, adverbs, and anagrams!

Still not willing to take our word for it? Then by all means go see what some other boisterous bloggers have to say about the King on his 91st birthday (updated even, so go knock yourself silly)!



RoxR1138 said...

All Hail the King, Baby!


Jonathan Nolan said...

Kirby = immortal... When will Stan join him in immortality though?