Wednesday, July 2, 2008


ITEM! Yowsir, pilgrims! This was one good week for comics, starting with the best-of-the-best, issue #18 of TwoMorrow's Write Now! – the magazine title that you can only really use if you place it at the end of a sentence! This ish features a trembling tribute to everyone’s favorite textual titan — Yours Truly! They have testimonials on what a great guy your Uncle Stanley is from everybody from Rascally Roy Thomas to Fabulous Flo Steinberg. That Flo... what a gal! And you won’t wanna miss all the other frantic features like side-by-side comparisons of how my script completely changed Jack's intent on the Silver Surfer graphic novel, or “Stan Lee’s Top Ten Tips for Writers” (No. 1: Write about things you know. If you don’t know, Google the stuff and start learning. Or else be so vague that no one can pin you down...). I know! Normally you have to pay some University thousands of dollars for little tips and tricks like that!

There’s even a tribute from Dan Didio, whoever that is...

So what are you waiting for, sunshine? Latverian New Year? Don’t walk, don’t balk — run to your local retailer and snag this sizzling Stan-centric special before they’re all sold out! You’ll be glad you did!


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