Thursday, July 3, 2008


ITEM! As if an entire magazine daringly devoted to your Uncle Stanley wasn’t enough bombastic comic bookage for one week, be sure and grab a copy of the deluxe hard-bound Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventures! In this 200-page timely tome you’ll find my re-re-dialoging of Jolly Jack Kirby’s original art for the never-published FF #103 (in which I still don’t exactly stick to his margin notes — what can I say? I’m a stinker!). Also included are John “Ring-A-Ding” Romita Jr. and Yours Truly’s Fantastic Four, The Last Adventure, and two or three other insightfully scripted past FF efforts of mine that all bear re-reading again and again! You know you’ll want to own this one, pilgrims... it’s got my name on the cover in 72 pt. type! That’s as close to a guarantee of par excellence in sequential art as you’re gonna find in this lifetime!


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