Sunday, July 13, 2008


ITEM! Well we warned yah, Marvelites. When Joltin’ Jim reviews a comic, he doesn’t pull any premeditated punches! That’s part of what made him such a great editor at the 4-5 companies he once worked for. I just wanted to add my own two sense and say that I’m still campaigning Brian Michael Bendis to reveal Aunt May as a Skrull agent. I know, I know... that may sound kinda corny to some, but it’s not any cornier than revealing that the butler did it... which is exactly what happened in Secret Invasion’s #3 and #4, as the Avengers’ gentleman’s gentleman Jarvis delivered the Skrull’s surrender ultimatum one whole downed SHIELD carrier. What’s next? Colonel Fury did it in the Library with the Candlestick? But I kid, I kid. Still, dont’cha think Aunt May would make a great reveal as a Super Skrull with all of the combined powers of her Tuesday Night Bridge Club? No? How ‘bout postal carrier Willie Lumpkin as a Skrull? I could reprise my cameo as Willie in the next Merry Marvel Movie! Or it could be revealed that Millie the Model was laying the groundwork for a Skrull invasion way back in the 60s! The mind boggles! Yah know, I really should be writing this series...


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