Thursday, July 24, 2008


ITEM! Okay troops, it’s time to get your Skrull on at the Comic Con! Out in comic shops this week — the aptly titled “Secret Invasion: Skrulls!” Rather than restlessly recycle every known Skrull plot previously used in a Mighty Marvel Mag (mostly ‘cause Brian Michael Bendis already beat ‘em to it), Skrulls! uses the actual art of invasions-gone-by to deliver an encyclopedic entry for every known Skrull dictator, agitator, infiltrator, irritator or aggregator that ever appeared in a Marvel Comic! Everything yah ever needed to know about the Skrulls is covered in this one, from those funky “A Piece of the Action” gangster Skrulls to their distant Dire Wraith cousins and every Skrull-cow in-between.

And speaking of Brian Michael Bendis, just how far back was he really placing clues to the Secret Invasion story arc? The oldest clue Irving Forbush has uncovered so far is this ad in the back of Spider-Man #172 (Oct. 1977), which means that Bendis has been working on this story arc since he was at least 10 years old! Now that’s dedication above and beyond, pilgrims!

Honest Irv also found the following video clip of Bendis answering questions while on a panel at Comic Con New York this past year. Seems he got a little flustered and his true colors showed for a brief moment or two. Click on the YooTube thingy below to see what happened! 


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