Thursday, July 24, 2008


ITEM! Hookay then! Since there’s about 125 gazillion True Believers out here in San Diego right now, Yours Truly is gonna keep these Comic Con reports short and sweet... kinda like Heidi MacDonald! The Virgin panel discussion just ended and it went swell enough I suppose, except for Grant Morrison hoggin’ up too much mike-time. You know what the Scots are like after a few early morning pints. Afterwards, I finally got out on the convention floor with my circle of bodyguards and had Irving Forbush snap a few pics which I’ll be a sharin’ with yah as soon as we get inside some kind of Wide-Fi cloud that Irv keeps jabbering on and on about. Here’s the first one: your Uncle Stanley standing in front of what I think is supposed to be Galactus’ glamorous goggles from the next Fantastic Four movie. Obviously they’re gonna be painted purple in the movie! If yah see me on the floor, please don’t forget The Code of Comic Con Conduct. Enjoy!



Jonathan Nolan said...

STAN - the ultimate battle has begun! The gauntlet has been thrown down for you, and now the votes must tell the story!

Stan the Man said...

Thanks for tipping us off about this one, Jon! I can't think of a more poll-worthy topic unless it was whether or not Aunt May is really a secret Skrull agent.

Well no offense to Joe, who's a Dapper enough Dan when it comes right down to it... but is there any doubt about the outcome of such a poll? What's that you say? You want rock-hard solid evidence of the Smilin' Ones sex appeal? Just check this out, pilgrims, and then tell me who's the Man! Remember... vote early, vote often!


Jonathan Nolan said...

SEX APPEAL Stan Lee vs Joe Quesada
Stan "THE MAN" Lee
100% [ 6 ]
Joe Quesada
0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 6

Early days Stan, but you're whomping Joltin' Joe.

Thanks to our own Darling Danielle the forum admin for helping my cut and paste!