Monday, July 28, 2008


ITEM! Even though I’m back home soaking my tired and tortured tootsies in my admantium-lined jacuzzi at Casa Del Lee, I just had to wax a little nostalgic about the long and winding road these comic book conventions have taken us all on. MMMS member-in-good-standing #7420 Homer J. got me started when sent in this scan to the ol' Sock It To Stan emails box! It's quite the reminder of  dazzling days gone by!

Marvel-Con ’76 may not have been as luminous and large as San Diego, but dog-gone if we didn’t have us some fun back when we were all a little brighter-eyed and bushier-tailed. Can you imagine getting a 3-hour art lesson from the master John Buscema himself? Or writing lessons at the feet of Rascally Roy Thomas? And if yah got bored by all that, there were Free Kung Fu exhibitions! Man-o-man, them were the days! Thanks for the teary-eyed trip down memory lane, Homer! Consider yourself No-Prized, Good Sir!



RAB said...

I'm here to confirm for your other faithful readers that those things actually happened and I was there to see them all! Honestly, I was on an adrenaline high for those three days and probably came down to Earth a week later. To think I was in attendance as a starry-eyed kid full of dreams all those years ago, and now I'm eyeing the Geritol when I visit the local druggist...well, I can only imagine how old that makes everyone else feel...

Stan the Man said...

I know how yah feel, Rab! Even my toupee hair was longer back in the '70s. These days I'm just glad when I get up in the morning and everything works like it's supposed to! But I have discovered that starting the day with a nutritional breakfast that includes all four food groups, juice, and a classic Silver or Bronze Age Marvel comic always puts the spring back in my step! And a Kirby comic is usually good for two springs!