Monday, May 12, 2008


ITEM! Didja know that your Uncle Stanley is capable, when hard-pressed, of talking about something besides himself and his own projects? Shocking news... I know. But the fact of the matter is, there’s only one of me and a whole planet of Frantic Ones out there keeping the faith and Making Their’s Marvel each and every day. Well, the Smilin’ One is here to help. Today, let’s talk about Sturdy Steve Ditko and the dearth of diligently-done and delightfully-designed Ditko-designated publications coming soon to a davenport near you.

First up, from the man himself, is Ditko’s first new published work in 8 years, The Avenging Mind, available by mail-order only from longtime Ditko publisher Robyn Snyder. See Blake Bell’s excellent website Ditko Looked Up for details on how to order this puppy!

And speaking of Bashful Blake Bell, his own 216-page hard cover opus Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko (see cover shot above) is due out in stores in just a few more weeks! A wonderful companion book to Madcap Mark Evanier’s Kirby: King of Comics, Strange and Stranger is sure to be about as exacting an examination of everyone’s favorite Randy Randian as you’re going to find in this lifetime. And of course Sturdy Steve gave this book his usual ringing personal endorsement: he made ‘em change the title!

But wait! There’s more! Longtime Ditko devotee Rascally Rob Imes has brought back Big Bill Hall’s 80s-90s fanzine publication, Ditkomania! Keeping the original numbering, ish #64 is now available! Go to your local comic book shop and demand they order your copy today, pussycats!

Finally, it looks like Sturdy Steve has tentatively tipped his toes back into the World Wide Webs with the Steve Ditko Blog. Predictably, the Publicity-Shy One has nothing on the site to let Ditko addicts everywhere know that it looks like 2008 is shaping up to be the Year of Steve Ditko! But that’s what old carnival barkers like Yours Truly are here for! Well, that and to keep the lawyers employed.


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