Saturday, May 24, 2008


ITEM! Louis Leterrier finally got off his derriere and sent me a recalcitrant rough-cut Incredible Hulk DVD screener this weekend, and wow! My faith in all things Marvel Entertainment is restored! They managed to get my filmed-after-the-fact cameo into the movie after all. That alone should guarantee some solid box office numbers, Fearless Ones! Oh, and the other 119 minutes of the movie are pretty great too. And since you have faithfully tuned into your Uncle Stanley’s Soapbox today, it’s my pleasure to share an extended clip from the movie with all of you. Who says this isn’t the Marvel Age of Pre-Opening PR?

Watching this clip from The Incredible Hulk movie called “Street Fight,” the calamitous continuation to the above blog title should probably be “... gets his green gamma-rayed gluteus-maximus handed to him!” I really dig how the Hulk is just knocking the Super Soldier serum’ed snot outta the Abomination in this scene. Yes, Frantic Ones, the SS serum is mentioned by name in the movie. Just another marvelous intra-franchise nugget we placed in there to connect this movie with the upcoming Captain America movie! So while we all count down to June 13, enjoy this sizzling superhero smackdown! You can also see a larger widescreen version here!


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