Thursday, May 22, 2008


ITEM! My reader copy of The Incredible Hulk Ominbus arrived in the mail today, and I have to say that I really love these enormous door-stop editions that would kill a small child if dropped on their head. For a measly 9,900 cents, you get 752 gamma-irradiated pages of Ol’ Greenskin’s adventures from The Incredible Hulk #1-6, Tales to Astonish #59-101, and Incredible Hulk #102! Plus letter cols, pinups, and a few assorted other goodies — like intros from me! Although Yours Truly already has many of these back issues leather-bound in the crypt underneath Maison de Lee, parts of the collection suffered some water damage when our basement flooded years ago back in New York., so it’s nice to have another bound reader copy!

That being said, I still say you can’t beat the modest modern-day convenience of GIT Corp’s sadly discontinued Hulk DVD-ROM Collection! For starters, the $50 price tag of the DVD collection includes 43 years of Hulk comics from 1962-2006. In other words about six times the comic reading goodness versus the $100 Ominbus! And of course the GIT digital scans show the entire comic book including those 60s Marvelicious House Ads and all the other stories included in each ish (a lot of Prince Namor the Submariner in this case). Though out of digital print, Frantic Ones can still grab the few remaining copies here at!

To this day the Smilin’ One cannot believe that those short-sighted, greed-impaired MBA dropout bean-counters at Marvel Management yanked GIT Corp’s license to produce these daring digitally-scanned DVD collections. What can Merry Marvel Marchers like you and I do about this? I’m glad you asked, Tigers and Tigrettes. To quote Bill Murray in Stripes, “Do what I do, and say what I say, and go out there and make me proud!” In other words, raise as much fuss about renewing GIT’s license as possible on every Marvel forum board that you can click your Spider-Mouse on. And whatever you do, for the love of Mike, DO NOT buy one of Marvel’s ill-considered online digital comic subscriptions. Your Uncle Stanley will forgive you, but the karma hit could haunt you for years to come!


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