Thursday, May 29, 2008


ITEM! Well pilgrims, it seems it only takes a little bit of Stan the Man re-dialoging of a page from the Lee-Kirby classic, Fantastic Four #18, and voila! A sizzling sensational sneak preview of how the Secret Invasion story line will probably end! That's right, Bendis! As the kids today say, "I'm in UR Head, Riting UR Comix!" I think I'll call this story, "Secret Invasions... Ur Doin' It Wrong!" Either that, or "A Tale Told by an Industry-Insider, Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Negative Profits" What do you Tigers and Tigrettes think?

(Click on page below for a larger view.) 'Nuff Said!


Jonathan Nolan said...

Dear Stan, why do you think the newer comicbook writers feel the need to not only copy old stories so closely but to put so much stuff that is non-comicbook code approved in their tales, even when there's no reason? It isn't quite the same as the anti-drugs codeless tale from Spidey, now is it?

Stan the Man said...

I couldn't agree more, Jonathan! The golden rule of thumb is that you include whatever elements will serve your story best. If a 3-page soliloquy while struggling to save the day (like the classic Lee-Ditko Spidey #33) serves the story - bingo! Garrulous and gratuitous content for cheap thrills and even cheaper short-term sales should be avoided like the plague! One Super Skrull is a cool idea. An army of Super Skrulls is a watered-down post-watershed mess, if you'll forgive me for saying so. Thanks for reading, Jon!