Wednesday, May 21, 2008


ITEM! Now this is what I’m talking about, True Believers! The new TV commercials are out for The Incredible Hulk movie and the Hulk CGI footage is notably improved! See Irving Forbush’s screen-cap comparison shots to get an idea of what your Uncle Stanley is on about. The skin texture and modeling are improved, the Hulk’s hair looks more mussed, and they used the best stage trick of all... they’ve added a little ragged remnant of shirt to distract and misdirect the eye! And what the heck is that thing on the Hulkster’s left shoulder? Did those jokesters at Rhythm & Hues sneak in their other emerald envoy, the Geico Gecko?

I'm still a little worried because Marvel Entertainment has yet to send me a Hulk DVD screener, so Yours Truly hasn’t seen any more of this movie than you pilgrims have. But I rest somewhat assured that all involved are working as hard as humanly possible to make sure that everyone’s favorite jade giant looks as photo-fantastic as possible. If R&H does their job, then the rest is basically up to Eddy Norton and King Louis Leterrier. They only have about four weeks left to Make Theirs Marvel! Till then, let’s all just keep our Gamma Rays crossed! Meanwhile, enjoy an earnestly embedded TV spot, courtesy of the YouTubes and Honest Irv!


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