Tuesday, May 20, 2008


ITEM! I know I’m a little late to the party with this one, but things have been crazy hereabouts. There are scripts to be written, deals to do, and about two-dozen POW! Entertainment lawyers to keep fed. Plus your Uncle Stanley doesn’t move quite as fast as he used to, and it takes me a while these days to get the ol’ memory cells fired up. Still, I wanted to say a few words about one of the greatest and funniest artists in comics — the late Bill Elder!

Bill did it all. He was truly a renaissance man. In the early days, he created one of Marvel’s most iconic Golden Age characters, Prince Namor the Submariner. Then he said good-bye to Timely Comics and moved over to EC Comics where he and co-genius Harvey Kurtzman created the original Mad comic book. Years later Bill and Harvey created the tantalizing and titillating Little Annie Fanny for Hef over at Playboy Magazine. As if that wasn’t enough sizzling success, the unsinkable Bill Elder still somehow found the time to come back and do some work for Mighty Marvel (even though our pay rates at the time were abysmal). He and Jolly Jack Kirby used to kid each other about who was really the “King of Comics,” and despite his many career successes, Bill eventually gave the title willingly to Jack. That’s just the kind of gentleman he was.

I lost track of Bill sometime in the early 70s, but never forgot what a great guy he was to work with. We’ll miss yah, buddy.



Jasper said...

Hi Stan. I don't mean to rain on your parade, but I believe that you've gotten Will Elder and Bill Everett slightly confused in your memory. Don't worry, we still you, faulty memory cells and all!


Stan the Man said...

Well you have to admit one thing, Jasper... when I make a mistake, it's a doozy! Let your Uncle Stanley try and make it up to you. I hereby grant you one free lifetime subscription to this boisterous blog! Who says this isn't the Marvel Age of Instant Satisfaction?