Tuesday, June 24, 2008


ITEM! Welp, Marvelites, it’s time for your Uncle Stanley to admit when he was wrong. Just got off the phone with Incredible Hulk director Louis-Louie Leterrier, and it seems that Yours Truly got his wires crossed. It happens. Get to the ripe old age of 85 yourself and see how accurate your keyboard taps are, pilgrims. But in the spirit of this by my old-man Internet-crush Heidi MacDonald, I’m here to set the record straight! Louis just called to let me know that not only was he arguing alongside Edward Norton, not against him, for a beefier, better cut of the Incredible Hulk that included more of Eddie’s character-driven dialogue and plot enhancements, he also wasn’t at fault for pushing the Captain America cameo in public. Seems that Marvel overruled them both, but not until after Louis had already done some early press junkets promoting scenes that were in the various trailers but subsequently cut from the released version. Scenes like the Doc Samson psychiatric session and the arctic prologue scene that included a certain Captain’s coolish cameo.

Louis further informed me that he has no idea why Marvel hasn’t released the Captain America cameo clip onto the Intraweb as they told him they would do last week. His best guess was that some suits were still arguing about harming future DVD sales by posting one of the most anticipated included DVD extras for free. Sounds about right to me. But since no one at the studio has returned my calls in a couple of weeks, your guess is as good as mine when and where this will actually happen. But don’t give up the ship, Frantic Ones... Face Front! Hang Loose! Write your congressman or congresswoman! Demand the extra Hulk footage that you deserve! And until then, Keep Making Yours Marvel! Your Uncle Stan needs a sequel cameo!


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