Tuesday, June 3, 2008


ITEM! This painting is so wrong on so many levels that words actually fail me. Just kidding, pilgrims! I suppose it could be worse... at least Vince Colletta didn’t ink it. Actually, Vinnie probably woulda done a nicer job, and he'd have included Gwen and Mary Jane done in his romantic babe style. Brandon Bird, consider yourself demoted in rank to R.F.O. (Real Frantic One). Your Sergeant Stanley was tempted to bust you all the way back to B.E.B. (Brand Echh Booster), but that would be cruel and unusual punishment. And speaking of cruel and unusual punishment, click here to see a larger version of this painting. (Not recommended for anyone who is pregnant, diabetic, or under the age of 85. Repeated viewing has been shown to cause seizures in laboratory animals. Pillow fights lasting over four hours are not normal, and you may need to see a doctor.) 'Nuff Said!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning, Stan. I wish I had listened. Instead, I clicked through and then my head asplode. Got any ointment?