Thursday, June 19, 2008


ITEM! Hey there, heroes! It’s your investigative reporter on all thing Marvelous, Stan the Man comin’ at you today, and I’m here to help. Lord knows why, but director King Louis Leterrier XVIII is really playing coy with you Marvelites about whether or not the Captain America cameo is an easter egg in The Incredible Hulk movie or not, and if so, where. I guess it’s because he’s French. The French make an art form out of being coy. And even though your Uncle Stanley only knows a few basic French phrases, like “Bonjour,” “Comment allez-vous,” and “Je me rends,” I’m going to translate Louis’ coyness into some good ol’ American stress-relieving facts for yah. Here’s the complete skinny on the Cap cameos in the Hulk movie!

First, there was a scene scripted and filmed in which Bruce Banner treks northward to the arctic circle and tries to off himself by putting a gun in his mouth (see prior peerless post on this). The suicide attempt fails because he Hulks out anyway after pulling the trigger. (Note that this actually explains why later in the movie Bruce doesn’t die when falling from the helicopter — he Hulks out after landing!) The arctic scene is the scene that was cut by the studio (against Eddy Norton’s wishes) for being too dark... though ironically it is still present in the Hulk video game. In the cut footage, the Hulk goes on a rampage and dislodges a chunk of arctic ice containing — you guessed it — a frozen Steve Rogers! There’s yer M.I.A. Cap cameo in a nifty nugget-sized nutshell.

*UPDATED* See the actual footage with instructions on how to spot Cap right here.

The good news is that so much fuss has been raised about this scene that Louis and the studio are gonna be releasing it on the Intrawebs any day now. No need to wait for the DVD extras for this one!

But what about Monsieur Leterrier’s insistence that the person of Captain America still makes a cameo appearance in the Hulk movie as released? That’s an easy one, pilgrims! If you carefully watch the scene in which General Ross enters the cryogenic chamber to fetch up a dose of Professor Rienstien’s Super Soldier serum, you’ll note that to the right is a mortuary cold chamber door. Guess who’s on the slab in there? Well it’s not Aunt May, Tiger. So there you go, True Believers! Another mystery solved, another magnificent Marvel milestone un-maligned! No need to thank me. Keeping the Faith is what I do! 



Jasper said...

Well that sure explains that. Thanks, Stan!


Anonymous said...

actually there's supposed to be a portrait of a man with the name steve rogers at the bottom somewhere in the pentagon when blonsky and ross are talking. captain america can't be on a slab and in a chunk of ice at the same time.

Stan the Man said...

Would your Uncle Stanley lead you wrong, Anony-Mouse? The arctic scene (before being cut) took place in the opening moments of the movie — well before Bruce Banner moved to Brazil to renew his quest for a cure. Meantime, the dislodged and frozen Mr. Rogers was discovered by the U.S. military and kept on ice, at least until 2011... when presumably he'll be thawed out in time for his cinematic film debut! Unless you count that one terrible film that made the Red Skull Italian. Yeesh!

Hope that clears up any and all confusion AM!


James said...

There's a captain america cameo for a few secs in the actual movie like a real moving cap.... its online but real hard to spot.. go to google and type in G4 interview with leterier... at about 2.58 thru to 3.01 in the interivew u'll see cap dive off to the left from hulks right leg.. really hard to see but a definate cameo