Monday, June 23, 2008


ITEM! What’s up with Louis Letterier and Marvel Studios? I wish I could tell you, pilgrims. First King Louis runs around assuring every entertainment reporter he can get his Parisian paws on that there’s a Captain America cameo in The Incredible Hulk movie... then post-premiere he comes clean and says there’s not! Then he says “pardonez-moi,” we cut it out but we’ll post it online in a couple of days... and then nothing shows up. It’s like the studio is actively trying to spread poor word-of-mouth about this movie. That’s not what the Intrawebs are for, guys! You’re supposed to use the greatest single invention since gamma-irradiated stretchy pants to spread positive buzz about your movie... not pissing your fan base off!

I’d post the footage online myself, but I’m still figuring out how to get my computer to see the printer (heck, they’re facing each other in plain sight, what else does it need?). Even with the terrific technical assistance of Honest Irv, I don’t know how to post the scene online from my early-preview Hulk DVD screener. But I’ll tell you what your Uncle Stanley can do! I can post a brief comic version of how a cadre of my courageous co-creations might crack the case of the confusing cut cameo clip! Enjoy! 

*UPDATED* See the actual footage with instructions on how to spot Cap right here.



Simon Garth said...

I enjoyed the movie much better than the first one. I even planned on paying for a second viewing. But this hokey pokey about the cut footage has convinced me not to give any more of my money to this movie. Saving my money for "Wanted" and "The Dark Knight".

Abby Normal said...

Sure seems like as well as they did on Iron Man, Marvel Studios has gone out of their way to mess up this movie. I read that Leterrier and Norton were on the same side voting against the studio for a longer, meatier cut of the Hulk. See this:

The Truth About Edward Norton vs. Marvel

Stan the Man said...

I stand corrected, Abby. Actually at the moment I sit corrected, but be that as it may... Even as we blog I'm on the phone with Louis and he's making the same point. Loudly. In French. So, more corrections and correlations coming soon to a commented blog near you!