Monday, June 30, 2008


ITEM! Yours Truly just spent the entire weekend NOT blogging and trying like hell to catch up on the zillion projects my entourage of entertainment attorneys have signed me up for. Here’s how that worked out: I spent about 15 percent of my time actually writing and the other 85 percent having meetings with my loud-mouthed long-winded lawyers. And by meetings I mean meltdowns. And by meltdowns I mean screaming matches. I could swear it’s me that pays them, but they seem to think that the tail wags the hog or some such nonsense. We spent the entirety of yesterday just going over why I shouldn’t be doing this blog and how I can’t be calling David Maisel out in public like I did. And here I thought none of them could even read anything that wasn’t notarized, notified and non-indemnified! 

Finally we had to crank the conversation all the way down to the "what-are-you-going-to-do-about-its." I mean, after all, I’m 85 years old, beloved by millions, and oderous-if-not-stinking rich. Yah gonna sue me? My own legal counsel? Good luck with that one. I’ve taken Marvel on in court and handed them their glamorous gluteus maximuses more than once, and I can do it again. Cease and Desist away, sunshine!

Anyhoo... your Uncle Stanley did actually manage to catch up on his backlog of peerless projects, so it’s back-to-business-as-usual here at Everything’s Sunny in Soapboxland! Thanks for reading, pilgrims! I couldn’t do it without yah!


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