Monday, June 9, 2008


ITEM! Welcome to Heeeeere's Hulk Week here at everything’s sunny in Soapboxland! In honor of the June 13th premiere of The Incredible Hulk movie, we’ll be all-Hulk all-the-time all-week! (Note: if you absolutely, positively, have to have something Brand Ecch-related to read this week - go here. Your Uncle Stan forgives you!) And we're starting out this week with a few missing chapters from the life and times of ol’ Greenskin. Ever wonder exactly what happened to the Jolly Jade Giant between the last issue of his first run (The Incredible Hulk #6, March 1963) and his next series starting in Tales to Astonish #60 (Oct. 1964)? Well in 1977 writer Daring Doug Moench and a raft of other manic Marvel madmen decided to answer that very question in Marvel’s black-and-white The Rampaging Hulk magazine. Picking up Bruce Banner’s story directly from ish #6 of the Hulkster’s first run, Moench and friends stepped directly into the shoes of Lee-Kirby-Ditko and told the story from that point onwards... and it was Incredible!

Fondly remembered by Frantic Ones for years, you can now own the first 15 issues of these historic Hulk hegiras by getting your copy of the Marvels Essentials: The Rampaging Hulk! At 584 pages, it’s over 1.4 pounds of boisterous Bronze Age bodaciousness. It’s full of lush, lovingly-rendered 60s-style Hulk lore full of invading aliens, Soviet megalomaniacs and jalopy-driving teen-aged sidekicks. Trust your Uncle Stanley on this... you gotta have this one sitting on your shelf reserved for literary classics!


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