Sunday, June 1, 2008


ITEM! Ever wanted to own a genuine piece of fashionable Stan the Man rainy-day-wear? Got at least $15,000 burning a hole in your pocket and nothing better to spend it on? Got more money than common sense? Heck, then why buy Apple stock when you can own a collectible raincoat worn by Yours Truly in his Cannes-tastic cameo in Spider-Man 2? This li’l gem is sure to appreciate in value faster than a tank of Premium Unleaded! See this ebay auction and bid away, pilgrims!

I really wish I’da known how much they were gonna charge for this thing before I signed it for my usual modest meager fee! Wowsir! This has gotten your Uncle Stanley thinking that maybe I’m in the wrong business just charging a few hundred grand to attach my name to every media project that crosses my lawyers’ desks. I should be selling my old sweaters and windbreakers on the ebays! Somewhere in the basement I’ve got crates of these really hip beltless raincoats my old friend Morty sold me back in the 60s... they were called “The Executive” or some such as I recall. I used to hand ‘em out as Christmas gifts to Rascally Roy and the Bullpen way back when. Time to get out the ol’ Sharpee and get Joanie that new Bentley she’s been eyeing! In the meantime, bid early and bid often on my official Spidey-2 raincoat! I’m sure the money is going to a very good cause...


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