Friday, August 1, 2008


ITEM! You’ve been asking for it! Now you're gonna get it! Never let it be said that your good ol’ Uncle Stan heeds not thy noble requests! For those of you not old enough to have enrolled yourselves into the timeless ranks of the Merry Marvel Marching Society (and let’s face it — if you are old enough to have been a member, you’re probably reading this from the safety of a 401k-funded La-Z-Boy Dreamtime Recliner), here at last is another of our bountiful blasts from the past. If you joined the MMMS circa 1967 or so, you received the following floppy vinyl record with your membership kit... 

“Scream Along With Marvel” featured the official MMMS theme song as well as the Marvel Super Heroes Show theme — both songs with lyrics written by Yours Truly (as if you couldn’t tell by the arresting alliteration and rapturous rhymes) and performed by the Grantray-Lawrence Animation Singers! And rounding the whole package out was comic cover art by the always amazing Marvelous Marie Severin!

Want a little taste of what it was like to be a Merry Marvelite back in the days of Moon-shots and Asian hot-spots? Just click on Honest Irv’s multimedia thingies below, sit back, and prepare yourself for an audacious auditory adventure! And if you've got some shekels to burn, Mile High Comics even has a couple of these baby-boomer bad-boys for sale! Enjoy!

March-A-Long With Marvel

The Marvel Superheroes Have Arrived



Jonathan Nolan said...

Stan- something else to sing about- you are now 26-0 in the sex appeal poll!

Excelsior indeed!


Also- I totally have that marching song thingy. I was a leetle young for it but I collected a heap of silver age stuff from marvel. I wasn't too young to join FOOM though! That- I did all on my own.

Stan the Man said...

Thanks for the update, Jon! I almost felt so sorry for poor Joe Quesada that I went over to the piscesallmedia forum to give him a mercy vote. Almost...