Wednesday, August 27, 2008


ITEM! Here’s a bit of Interweb Trivia to confuse and confound your CPU (that’s Cerebral Processing Center in this case, natch). What’s the great-grand-daddy of comic book blogs, alongside which all others pale by comparison? Who’s the reigning authority on all matters Gold, Silver, and Bronze Age related? What conversant comics blog will soon be celebrating une centential de la cinq? If you guessed Yours Truly, then you get points for being a loyal Marvelite, but sorry, no soap... er, soapbox!

Conject and comment away, Inquisitive Ones... or just be right here on Labor Day (September 1st, for those living outside the U.S.) when we help celebrate this momentous monumental milestone by featuring some special soap-bloggage about the man behind the graphic displayed above, and the blog that loves him like a calligraphic cognate! Get your broadband bills all paid up blogsters, 'cause you're not gonna want to miss this one! 



Fake Sam Rosen said...

All I know is, it ain't me!

-Fake Sam Rosen

Artie Simek said...

Or me!

-Fake Artie Simek

Stan the Man said...

Do you guys have any idea how dangerous it is to make an 85-year-old man laugh until he blows snot out of his nose? No? Well lemme tell yah... it's snot pretty! You two are pretty hilarious for a couple of fake dead guys... Who knew the hereafter had broadband access?