Friday, August 8, 2008


ITEM! You’ve waited and you’ve wondered, you’ve giggled and you’ve guessed. Now the truth can be revealed at last! What in the name of Odin’s Depend Undergarments is or are the Marvel ReMasterworks? As some of you may recall, Marvel has been taken to task recently for paying artists to redraw or recreate the artwork from some of the most-beloved Lee-Kirby and Lee-Ditko classics for their Marvel Masterworks series of deluxe reprints. Well, your Uncle Stanley had a brilliant idea — if yer gonna go to all the trouble to redraw some of those golden oldies, why not give Yours Truly a crack at re-dialoguing a few of ‘em? As classic as some of my Silver Age soliloquies were, I’m sure I could make them even bigger, better and even more verbose than ever today! And so, we here at Soapbox-land proudly present the first (and if we get a cease-and-desist letter, maybe the last) installment of the re-dialogued, remastered, and revisited version of Fantastic Four #3 (March 1962)... with all art diligently and digitally scanned from an original print copy! Depending on reader response, critical acclaim and juris prudence, we’ll try and put up a new chapter every Friday. Until then, Keep Making Yours Marvel! (Marvel Comics, The Fantastic Four, and Stan Lee’s immortal soul all © Copyright 2008 Marvel Entertainment, Inc.) Click on the cover below to get started!



Danny said...

Brilliant!! Keep 'em coming. I know a few artists who weren't born when this stuff came out and who have never heard of the original artists if you need some pages 'fixed'. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is great. Very Very funny. Congrats.

Jonathan Nolan said...

Stan, truly thou art the Idea within the House. Your eponymous eliciting of ponderous proverbs and stupendous sound effects, complete with crackling catcalls and konspikuous kirbyliciousness has hopelessly hyped my boiling brain beyond any bettering of the colossal comicbook catechism with which you whetted our wandering wassail! If only the myopic mavens of mediocrity at Marvel could unanimously unBendis their collective creativity and once more regain the mantle with which Marvel mawkishly mauled mooks for lo these many yawning years since Maximum Clonage and mullet-headed nineties incarnations of our stalwart Stan Lee creations first nefariously nipped our nascent adulation of all things amazing and deceitfully diverted us to the dungeons of DC!

Questionable Quesada-isms, Baleful Bendisisms and yea, true believer, even verily the oft-monitored Millarisms of the bitterly brooked British invasion of comics have each and all left us like unto lifeless Liefeld fans, quivering Quesada-like awaiting the final act in this stupendously self-destructive revoltingly self-referential cornucopia of contentiously-marketed company-wide crossovers, crushing our collective ly cherished cachet of happy House of Ideas memories!

Chris Tolworthy said...

While you're at it, could you have another shot at the recent Lost Fantastic Four Story? While I totally support your right (nay, your DUTY) to earn maximum pay at minimum effort, that comic would have been EVEN BETTER if you'd actually read Kirby's notes before improving on them. What about it, eh Stan?