Thursday, August 7, 2008


ITEM! As much as Yours Truly has read and relished John “There’s Always To” Morrow’s Jack Kirby Collector, there was always a special, warm place in my heart for Great Britain’s late-lamented Jack Kirby Quarterly... which, let’s be honest, was anything BUT quarterly back when it was still being published. Still, the JKQ was always a nice companion mag to Jack Kirby Collector, which has often emphasized large-scale reproduction of classic Kirby pencils and art over scholarly analysis. Not so with the JKQ. As is often the case, the Europeans tend to look deeper into our own art forms than do the Americans who invented them. That’s what your Uncle Stanley always loved about sitting down and cozying up with a fresh copy of the JKQ.

Well guess what, pilgrims? After a lapse in publication of nearly three years, the Jack Kirby Quarterly is coming back, bigger and bolder than ever! Thanks in large part to the efforts of Credible Chrissie Harper and a host of other Khd’s (Professors of Kirbyology) from both sides of the ocean, issue #15 of the JKQ will be released for mail order later this month, and should show up in Continental Comic Shops shortly thereafter! See this sizzling summation of the 68-pages of content, along with ordering info, over at the Jack Kirby Weblog. Go get this one, sunshine! The King would want yah to! 


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