Monday, August 11, 2008


ITEM! Time to answer some of the ol’ Sock It To Stan emailage, and to kick off a new ongoing series (which means I’ll do it again as often as my daily dosage of St. John’s Wort jogs my intermittent memory functions)! It all starts with this request which comes from Jazzy Joe Wagner:

"As a former No Prize Recipient and a frequent reader that loves the site, could you do an article on the long lost Solarman comic series and animated pilot that was produced back in the 1980's?  It appears that Marvel had big plans for the Stan Lee penned series and I would love to get some insight (and potential video links) about the character and the reason it was pushed to animation so quickly.
Joe Wagner"

Why was I hearing Ride of the Valkyries in my head while reading your letter, Joe? God, I love the smell of comics first thing in the morning... it smells like allegory! But I digress. Your Uncle Stanley could write a copious cannon in C Major about the long-lost Solarman project from 1989-90, but why do all that work when someone else has already covered the Solared One’s brief two-issue/aborted cartoon pilot/abandoned toy line career in such masterly detail? Get thee over to this article by Darlin’ Danny Best at his own cultural comic conclave otherwise known as the 20th Century Danny Boy blog! Normally I would just lift and rewrite the main elements of his piece into a new article that I could claim complete creative credit for, but I’ve been trying to mend my scene-stealin’ ways here lately! Enjoy!

Next time at Forgotten Hero Corner: one of my very first comic creations ever, Captain Amer—er, I mean, The Mighty Destroyer!


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