Tuesday, August 26, 2008


ITEM! Bad news, oh Keepers of the Faith. It seems that Virgin Comics is in the process of shuttering most or all of its comics line. At least according to my old-man Interweb crush Heidi MacDonald and sources at The Beat.

It’s probably just as well. As you may recall, Virgin mogul Richard Branson and the Smilin’ One announced that Yours Truly would create an exciting new superhero universe for their comics line at Comic-Con New York this past year. With the perilous plethora of projects that I’ve had on my plate lately, the only idea I’d come up with so far was a superhero group called The Litigation Men. Litigation Men was about a team of attorneys that were belted with cosmic rays and all got super powers. Their leader was a guy named Mister Mitigation. Other members included his girl-friend the Indivisible Girl, the Human Tort, and the Juror. Based in Hollywood, they had adventures signing multi-million dollar licensing deals with big up-front payments that eventually crash and burn. Ah well... maybe these legal-eagle characters will still see the light of publishing day as characters under one of my development deals with Disney! There's a company that knows a thing or two about the legal process!


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