Wednesday, August 6, 2008


ITEM! Don’tcha just love it when the good guys win one every once in awhile? It was just back this past November when the bone-headed brainiacs at Marvel Management yanked GIT Corps’ license to keep producing their dazzling and delightful DVD collections featuring 40+ years of Marvel’s best and brightest — all scanned from original issues I might add, unlike a certain series of Masterworks reprints that I could mention...

But it looks like you can’t keep a good startup down! Hot on the heels of their successful releases of the Absolutely Mad Magazine Collection, the Archie Bronze Age Collection, and the National Lampoon Complete Collection, comes their next critically-acclaimed collection, Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection!

Featuring every single Star Trek comic ever published (with the exception of the current Trek comic licensees, IDW), this collection spans the Gold Key comics of the 60s, through the entire Marvel Comics comics (featuring some awesome art by the late-great Dave Cockrum), all the way to the recent Wildstorm books! Holy Skrull-cow! That’s everything from Captain Kirk to Captain Janeway. That’s more Klingons, Romulans and Tribbles than you can shake a dilithium crystal at! That’s light-years of reading all for the low-low-low price of $49.99 (or 5 slips of gold-pressed latinum, for those societies without legal tender).

This titanic Trek tribute will be released this September, though I expect my gratis review copy to show up well before then. Didja hear that GIT Corp? Gratis Review copy? The Smilin’ One’s not rich, yah know. Well, actually I am, but I’ll still take a free copy anyway! Your commanding officer will thank you!



Chris Tolworthy said...

GIT corp are the Stan and Jack of the 21st century. If they can keep going until everyone has a Kindle (or rather, their superior successor) then think what this means: comics are cheap and portable once more! Cheaper and more portable than ever!

And even more important, the Unique Selling Point of comics, the vast universe, is accessible to everyone! A bigger and deeper universe than ever!

And the very best forgotten artists and writers will finally gain the universal acclaim they deserve!

And new comics will increase their quality, because the inductry will be so much bigger than before!

Nothing but good can come from this, as long as GIT can survive until we all have portable readers.

Stan the Man said...

Nice of you to say so, Chris. Your Uncle Stan thinks that GTI Corp put out a dazzling digital product. Apparently Marvel's online subscription-model digital comic service is going so well that they've now decided to step into the DVD-collection digital comics world themselves. Will their scans of original comics include everything (letter columns, ads and interior covers) as GTI's did? Only time and future Soapbox Blogs will tell...