Saturday, August 23, 2008


ITEM! Memory is a funny thing, pilgrims. Some days I can remember exactly what I had for lunch at the Seawane Club with Jolly Jack in 1966 (hot open brisket and salad, natch), and other days I don’t even remember to match my socks. To compensate for my famously poor powers of recollection, I often make up stories that I’ve repeated so many times that I even believe that they’re true. Sometimes, they even still contain an itty-bitty grain of unremembered truth!

And so it is with this vaunted video where no less than William Shatner interviews me about the origins of Spider-Man. Since we all know (including me on a good day) that the original idea for Spidey came to me second-hand via Jack Kirby from an old Joe Simon creation (which the two of them had already retooled once into the Archie Comics character, The Fly), it’s telling that my standard pre-fabricated “I don’t really remember” story still contains a reference to me “seeing a fly on the wall” as an explanation for where the idea for Spider-man came from. Don’t believe me? See the video Honest Irv has embedded below. This is (to the best of my reckless recollection) done for Charles Band's Cinemaker series over on the Full Moon Channel. You know, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for me to focus on just trying to remember to take my daily dose St. Johns Wort BEFORE I do these kind of interviews! Yeesh!


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