Friday, April 11, 2008


ITEM! Giantic Godzilla-sized announcement time, True Believers! Lustful Literary Liturgists beware! In a titanic team-up that could only be arranged by an army of acquisitive attorneys, Stan the Man and Heroic Hiroyuki Takei are combining forces to bring you the next Magnificent Multi-cultural Manga — Ultimo!

No not that one, Marvelites. The original Ultimo was an ancient robot of mysterious origin that fought Iron Man over the Asian landscape (Tales of Suspense #76-78, 1966). THIS Ultimo is a robotic boy of mysterious origin that fights another robot-boy named Vice over an Asian landscape. It’s completely different, natch. And instead of Gentleman Gene Colan, my collaborative co-creator on this project is famed Shaman King artist Hiroyuki Takei! For those wide-eyed Westerners among you who have trouble pronouncing Japanese names, allow me to quote Star Trek actor George Takei’s admonition to his memory-impaired co-star Bill Shatner: “It’s pronounced “Tah-kay,” as in “Too-pay!” That’s how I remember it, for obvious reasons.

We'll be conducting an ultimate Ultimo panel discussion at Comic Con NY on April 18 with my second favorite group of folks besides attorneys — the press! I threw enough of a cranky old man fit over that to get them to block out a small section of seats for a few fortunate Fearless Front-Facers. If you want to attend this event, better get them Intrawebs moving pilgrim, and email Ever-Ready Evelyn Dubocq at Viz Comics for a chance to win your serendipitous seat at this auspicious event. ‘Nuff Said!


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