Tuesday, April 1, 2008


ITEM! It’s not a dream! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary tale! The very first film to result from the development deal between my own precocious POW! Entertainment and Disney Studios will be called The Amazing Spider-Mouse! You heard it here first, Frantic Ones!

Don’t expect the official announcement for a few days yet. This project involved more judicial juggling than you can shake your jurisprudence at. But Yours Truly and a raft of attorneys have almost got the deal signed and done. This historic creative collaboration will be brought to you as a joint production by Disney•Pixar and Marvel Entertainment, with Bodacious Brad Bird on board to direct, and the lead designer on loan from Warner Bros.’ animation division is one the one-and-only Titanic Bruce Timm... the most dramatic dream-team ever assembled, all for a sensational summer 2009 release!

I know that seems like forever-and-a-day to wait pilgrim, but these things take time to pull off, even for the gregarious CGI geniuses in Emeryville. I think they’ve been working on this project under one of those uber-undercover code names. “1960” or something like that. But even as we speak, the Pixar crew have been shooting live action plates of San Francisco to use for their computer models of New York. Designers are designing and sculptors are sculpting. Peter Pocket, Aunt Mable and Mary Jane Dormouse are all taking shape in a script co-written by your Uncle Stanley and Brad “The Brain” Bird.

To tide you over, I’ve had Honest Irv post a couple of peerless pre-production pics straight from the Pixar studios to you! I know that 2009 seems like a long time to wait, Tigers and Tigettes, but until then I’ll have to quote Grace Slick, “Remember what the dormouse said, keep your head!”



Anonymous said...

Ah Stan, ya done it again! While my own opinions of the Mouse and Co. border on the merrily misanthropic, I do look forward to this project if only because you're envolved. Here's hoping you have nothing but clear sailing with this picture Captain Stan!

Anonymous said...

April fools prank man lol good one! :P