Thursday, April 17, 2008


ITEM! A quick New York Comic Con update for all of you attending the big show, and the New York Comics Legend Award ceremony at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square tonight... I’m here! You out-of-towners don’t be shy about comin’ on up and saying “Howdy.” You'll know me. I'll be the most dashing and debonair octogenarian in the room. 

It's okay to be rude and forward in New York. I grew up here. Believe me, I'm used to it. Native New Yorkers are not a shy and retiring lot, so they’ll have no problem coming up and saying... well I can’t really type what they’re liable to say in a PG-13 blog. New York’s state motto might be “Excelsior”, but New York City’s is something else altogether. Let’s just say they’ll show their enthusiasm in their own native tongue, and at some point it will probably involve my mother or my patriarchical lineage!

Gotta go get into my tux, which takes longer than it used to... blog you True Believers later!


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