Wednesday, April 30, 2008


ITEM! Just a quick note before I make a mad dash to see Iron Man for the first time with a real audience. Be absolutely certain to stay until the very end of the credits, pilgrims. You won't want to miss Samuel L. Jackson's sizzling set-up for a future Favreau flick... and I DON'T mean Iron Man 2! Apparently Jon found an "unlaced with colorful metaphors" version of Jackson's performance as Colonel Nick Fury on the cutting room floor that he could use after all! But what oh what could he be doing or saying at the very end of the credits that would be worth your hard-earned time and attention? Let's just say he may be "assembling" some heroes for a team... Wish I'da thought of that 40 years ago, but the only character I had on hand at the time was Loki! Ah well, as Danny Kaye sang, "Que Sara Sara..."


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