Wednesday, April 2, 2008


ITEM! As some eagle-eyed readers may have deduced with Reed Richards-like cognitive clarity, yesterday’s announcement of a Disney/Stan Lee movie called Spider-Mouse was all just an aptly-timed and appropriately-mimed April Fool. And a very sad thing that — just imagine! What a dream team that would have been. If only we could lure Titanically Talented Bruce Timm away from the Distinguished Conglomerate. Well maybe someday he’ll wake up and join the winning animation team!

The real announcement of course, is here in Variety and many other legitimate news sources. By that rationale, I guess that makes this an illegitimate news source. Maybe if this blog had a better personality, it would cease to be an illegitimate news source? Let’s see if we can come up with a Hallowed Rank of Marveldom for that, pilgrims... maybe S.O.B. (Scooper Of Bulletins... Source Of B.S.)? Anyhoo, the real first projects developed as part of my first-look dev deal with the House of Mouse are Nick Ratchet, Blaze and Tigress. I pitched them Millie the Model, but alas, there was no cinematic love for poor Millie. Now her best friend Patsy Walker... that may be another matter entirely, if you know what I mean *wink*wink* *nudge*nudge* say no more. I’d tell you more, but every time I post one of these backdoor blogs, the attorneys start lighting up the ol’ Spider-Phone like there’s no tomorrow. The whole point of this thing was to spread the faith uncensored by corporate concerns, contractual commitments or cognitive conflicts. But I think they’re on to me now. Handlers! Yeesh! Some days they won’t even let me pick out my own sweaters...


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