Thursday, March 6, 2008


ITEM! Well my copy of Mark Evanier’s long-anticipated Jack Kirby biography, Kirby: King of Comics finally arrived from Amazon today. I’m really looking forward to this one, pilgrims! And at least with Madcap Mark Evanier at the helm, I don’t have to noodle my noggin too much about having to screen this tumultuous tome for the hatchet job Ol’ Smiley sometimes gets from the press — like the pummeling that I took at the hands of that British Beeb Boob Jonathan Ross. That man made me say things that I didn’t even want to say, like my honest opinion on the subject. Journalists — sheesh!

But Eveready Mark Evanier has always been an F.F.F. (Fearless Front Facer)... which is batter than some of the initials I've been called. Heck, not only is Marky-Boy one, he invented that frantic title! And he's a close personal friend of mine to-boot, by which I mean that he returns my emails. His writing, even in that column that he writes for Johnny “There's Always To” Morrow’s Jack Kirby Collector, has always been enviably even-handed. And if anyone knows Jack, Marvelous Mark is the guy. But after knowin' a fellah since he was knee-high to a fanzine editor, you’d think he would have sent his Uncle Stanley a promo copy, wouldn’t you?


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