Friday, March 28, 2008


ITEM! Speaking of NY Comic Con (April 18-21, natch), my contact at Hasbro just called to remind me that although the Stan Lee Action Figures were the hit of Comic Con San Diego, there are still hundreds of pallets of them sitting at the Hasbro warehouse in Hoboken, NJ. So this is your chance, Marvelites! Don’t miss out on what is someday certain to be a calamitous collector’s item!

That said, I wish the Hasbro marketing folks had listened to Ol’ Smiley when we were first discussing this titanic action figure toy. The one they came up with was nice enough I suppose. It features my trademark patent-pending windbreaker, khakis and prescription sunglasses (the preferred eyewear of fabulous fossilized fantasy writers from Harlan Ellison to Yours Truly). It also comes with interchangeable Spidey/Peter Parker head, mask, feet and hands. Pretty cool, huh?

But your Uncle Stanley had the Hasbro sculptors and designers mock up a prototype to my own exceptionally exacting standards, and can you believe the suits rejected the idea out of hand? You know, even after 67 years in the biz, editorial rejection still stings. That’s why I have my  POWn company now where I run the show, Sunshine. Well me and about 30 lawyers. I bet if Hasbro had listened to Stan the Man, these things would’a sold out at Comic Con SD. Check out the cool-o-meter rating on this unreleased baby! Who says the isn't the Marvel Age of Shameless Self Promotion?


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