Sunday, March 30, 2008


ITEM! Well it’s Sock It To Stan Mailbag time here in ever lovin’ blogville. Elliot M. Bour of Los Angeles, CA writes:

Thank you so much for posting your disappointment in Marvel over the cancellation of the GIT Corp DVDs. I had been collecting these since they first started putting them out and thought that not only were they a wonderful idea, but wonderfully executed, as well. I think the online service Marvel is now offering is a horrible idea and can only hope it will fail so they will go back to putting out the DVDs ... Isn't there anything you can do, Stan?

I wish there was, Elliot! Marvel management stopped taking my calls years ago. Rascally Roy Thomas was just chiding me the other day by phone for not even knowing about this lamentable loss until a year-or-two after the DVD collections were out on store shelves. Your Uncle Stanley doesn’t move as fast as he used to, pilgrim. And I’ve been unbelievably buried and busy concocting the next generation of literary icons in about a million different mass media. That, and my company just sued The House of (My) Ideas for $5 billion, which I’m not even supposed to talk about. You know, there should be a DVD collection of the list of things my attorneys expect me to remember not to talk about! That would be handy.

The best thing frantic fans of GIT’s diligent and delightful DVD collections can do is follow Ol’ Smiley’s example. Vote with your wallets and your world wide web writings. There’s only two things most corporations care about, and that’s money and bad publicity (note that the second causes the loss of the first). Even if I didn’t already have most of those back issues leather-bound in my climate-controlled vault beneath Casa de Lee, I wouldn’t give Marvel dime-one to rent back issues online. I’ve had Irving Forbush scour the Intrawebs to grab all of the GTI DVDs he can, at places like this and this. Until Marvel•Mart sees the light an re-licenses GTI, I guess we’ll all just have to Hang Loose and support our local back-issue comic shops!


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