Monday, March 10, 2008


ITEM! Speaking of the Jonathan Ross BBC documentary, In Search of Steve Ditko, if you haven’t seen this one, True Believers, then shame on you! Even if you’re living in America and don’t get anything more than endless reruns of The Red Green Show and Doctor Who on your local PBS station, this is the Informative Information Age, pilgrim! Get off your gluteus maximus and look for that bad boy online!

What’s that, you say? Can’t you just do all the hard work for me? Sure I can, Fearless One. Well, actually I can’t. Since your Uncle Stanley knows slightly less about the Intraweb than your average Generation-Xbox six-year-old, I’ll have to depend on the tireless efforts of my technical assistant, the Irresistibly Informed Irving Forbush. Who says this isn’t the Marvel Age of Instant Online Graitfication?

Forbush-Man informs me that if you click on THIS, you will be instantly transported to another bombastically bellicose blog where the whole program is posted in easy-to-swallow, pharmaceutically-prescribed 10-minute doses.

Besides being a wonderful tribute to the artistic genius that is Secular Steve Ditko, this loving laudation to the man that many consider the co-creator of Spider-Man gave Yours Truly a chance to go on the record about the whole contentious creators credit concern. But apparently even a signed letter from Ol’ Smiley and me telling Jonathan Ross point-blank that if Sturdy Steve wants to be called the co-creator of Spider-Man, then it’s all copacetic with moi still wasn’t good enough. What do these people want? A frank admission of guilt? Stan the Man doesn’t believe in guilt, pilgrims. Never look back, I always say, which actually works out pretty well if your memory works like a shot-gunned sieve. Face Front, True Believer!


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